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Michigan’s Auto No-Fault Insurance provides lifetime benefits to cover medical expenses for those injured in Michigan in a motor vehicle accident, before July 11, 2019. The Michigan no fault law provides for all medically necessary expenses for your care, recovery, and rehabilitation from an auto injury. Some of the most serious injuries can be the result of a car accident and recovering from an auto injury can be extremely difficult for both the patient and their family. If you have experienced a disruption in your services in the last 18 months, we want to be there to help you get them restored.

After your acute care hospital stay and rehabilitation, catastrophically injured individuals often require complex home care and other services designed to servicing you in your home. Individuals who have suffered catastrophic brain or spinal cord injuries usually require up to 24-hour complex care from high tech home health aides and skilled nurses. To help with activities of daily living, medication management and set up, personal care, catheter care management, etc. along with obtaining specialized equipment, medical supplies, among many other things upon returning home. We want to be there to help you navigate through these tough times.

Auto Injury Home Care Specialists understands that each patient has their own unique and complex care needs, and we are committed to providing a care plan specific to meeting your unique needs. We have Nurses, CNAs and High Tech Home Health Aides that are specially trained to provide services according to your specific needs.

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Specializing In The Care Of Auto Injuries Survivors

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Auto Injury Home Care Specialists Vector Icon Image | Kalamazoo, Michigan | No Fault Home Care

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